Seasoning Mixes
Under this category of Seasoning Mixes, we are offering the perfectly blended seasoning spices, which are used to add flavor and texture to different cuisines. All of these mixes are available in powdered form, which make them easily accessible.
Dried Flowers
Petals and other parts of varieties of Dried Flowers are offered in this category. These 100% naturally processed parts of dried flowers can be converted into powder form. These are known for appreciated for their aroma, color and medicinal values.

Herbal Tea
We are bringing forth the best collection of Herbal Teas from different corners of the world and country. All of these offered teas are known for giving multiple health benefits varying from relieving stress and uneasiness.

Sugar Herb
We are providing 100% organic Herbal Sweeteners to our clients, which are considered as the ideal substitute for sugar. These products are mostly consumed by diabetic patients and people who are suffering from tooth ache and gum bleeding.

Freeze Dried Fruits
Freeze-Dried Fruits are huge source of minerals, proteins, fibre and vitamins add to that they are tasty and delicious too. They are excellent and healthy substitute for daily snacks. These are very effective and economical to use, available at cheaper prices, in bulk quantities for our customers.
Dried Ayurveda Herbs
Dried Ayurveda Herbs provide our customers the different types of ayurvedic herbs which helps in curing the different diseases naturally and properly. These offered herbs are very effective and also provides no harm to your body which using. They are widely appreciated by our customers in the market for its unique benefits.
Cold Dried Superfoods
People must turn to nature to live healthier lives. The superfoods are touted for their nutrients and beneficial properties. The cut moringa leaves, wheatgrass and barley leaves are dehydrated to make these cold dried superfoods.

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