Our infrastructure is popular in the industry for its innovative and latest technology based resources through which bulk orders are fulfilled within the promised time. It includes a number of integrated units such as processing facility, storage area and packaging facility. Since all these are integrated, the processes are carried out systematically and strategically. The vegetables, fruits, herbal and flower products are processed using special cold drying (low temperature) technology. This helps in achieving 100% drying of products that too without any loss of color, aroma and flavor.

The processing facility is equipped with following equipment:

Amla Shredding Machine


Balancing Tank-Cold

Balancing Tank-Hot

Binocular Microscope

Cartridge Paddle Sealing Machine

Continuous Sealer Machine

Digital Bod Incubator

Digital Colony Counter

Digital pH Meter

Dryer Unit

Electronics Balance

Ginger Strip Cutting Machine

Green Chilly Cutting Machine

Grinder Mixer

Laminar Air Flow

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

Micro Scan Metal Detector

Mikro Mill

Moisture Analyzer


S.S. Top Table

Thermic Fluid Heater Dryer

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vegetable Cutting Machine

Water Bath (Thermostat)

What is Cold Drying Technology?
It is proven fact that freeze dried products are NOT superior to those made from low temperature cold drying technology (LTCDT). The latter technology is cost effective and has high effectiveness in drying the products along with preserving their natural aroma, taste, flavor, pungency level and value.

Benefits of LTCDT
  • Before being put into a dryer, the product goes through washing, blanching, and cutting processes
  • There is no heating of product. In fact, its moisture is absorbed at very low temperature. (NOTE: This special procedure is developed in-house by our technocrats after comprehensive 3-year research.)
  • Drying of product is done gradually so that its inner structure is not ruptured
  • Dried products have low hygroscopic rate
  • In warm water, the products restructures at a quick pace viz they achieve their  natural color and shape in no time.
  • This is a single process of preparation in which just the final product is delivered.
  • Also, in low temperature cold drying technology (LTCDT), there is no contact with outside air.
  • During processing, there is less power consumption that brings down the cost and drying time to a new low, around 12 to 24 hours.

Warehousing and Packaging
A capacious storage unit is the cornerstone of our infrastructure. It is well maintained and integrated with new technology facilities to keep our vegetables, fruits, herbal and flower products in natural state. Also, it helps in ensuring quick fulfillment of the large orders within the set time. Few salient traits of our warehouse are:
  • Fire proof
  • Automated temperature control
  • Free from rodents
  • Resistant to heat
  • Good protection against weather calamities

For packaging, we use best material as per the industry guidelines. Also, customers preferences are considered for packaging.

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